Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fast and Furious

I'm in the house making  me a sandwich I hear the door open when I look around the corner my girl kisses me in the mouth taking her workout clothes off she it's naked and its ripping my clothes off.She squats down sucking my head like it's her favorite flavor lollipop watermelon she sits on our slutps my balls licks three outer portion of my shaft. My dick do brick it's ready for action she comes up and backs her pussy on my dick bouncing oh goodness I might can't take this I have my hands behind my head enjoying the ride her phat ass smacking on my stomach I aim losing balance she knocks me up against the wall she bends over grabbing her ankles pussy lips smiling at me as its going up and down on my dick slobbing all over it moisture running off my balls dam this shit feels good.Her thighs clapping shaking she it's cuming yes baby I'm cuming yes I grab her hips thrusting faster faster oooooooh shit baby my heart racing my dick throbbing shooting out all my passion into her pussy.I'm sitting on the couch I said your pussy was moving fast and it was acting furious.

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